Mt warning food


Smashed Avo
organic woodfired sourdough toast, lemon wedges...15.00 Crisp Halloumi 4.00 |  Fresh Tomato 2.00
poached egg 2.50

Corn and Halloumi Fritters
poached eggs, grape tomatoes, wilted spinach avocado cream, tomato relish...17.50

Brekkie Burger
bacon, eggs, roast tomato, cheese, balsamic onion, relish, whole wheat organic roll...17.50

House Made Beans
organic woodfired  linseed sourdough, avocado,
fried eggs and fresh avocado…17.50

Bacon‭, ‬Free Range Eggs
toasted Turkish bread, peach and
tomato relish...14.50

tomato, mushrooms and  cheese, side of wilted spinach and roast cherry tomato

Crisp Halloumi 4.00   |  Egg 2.50 |   Bacon 4.00 | Mushrooms 3.50 Beans 4.00  | Potato Hash 3.30 | Tomatoes 3,00 


Beef and Bacon Burger
Bacon, beef, smoked cheese, house made relish lettuce,tomato, Spanish onion...18.50

Chicken Burger
Pan fried chicken breast, house made relish, lettuce, tomato,avocado,...18.50

Tofu Burger
Avocado, tomato, cucumber,beetroot, carrot, sweet chilli...18.50

  - all burgers on organic rolls and served with chips and salad -


Bacon‭ + ‬Egg in Burger ...7.00

Bacon‭ + ‬Egg on Toast ...7.00

Two Slices of Toast‭ ‬
w honey / jam / Vegemite ...7.00

Avo Toast ...7.00

Beans on Toast...7.00


Queensland Barramundi
crispy skin, herbed chips, garden salad+organic herbs, house made tartare ...24.80

Chili Lime Prawns
asian mint salad, crispy noodles, sesame tamarind dressing, pomegranates...24.50

Ploughman’s Lunch
medium rare roast beef , ham off the bone, prosciutto, tomato peach relish, grape tomatoes, pickled veg, anti pasta, beetroot relish
mixed cheeses, boiled egg, crusty bread… 23.50

Middle Eastern Bowl VEGAN
Beetroot Falafels, quinoa salad, tomato and cucumber salsa, roast chickpeas, beetroot relish, dill pickles, toasted turkish bread fingers….21.00

Pan Fried Corn‭, ‬Halloumi Fritters
tomato peach relish, avocado cream, a salad of greens, cherry tomato, avocado, pomegranate and feta + our local honey, lemon and whole grain mustard dressing ...entrée 15.00  main 21.00


Beef or Chicken cheese Burger
+ Chips,...9.50

Chicken fingers
+ Chips & Salad,...9.50


Ginger, orange, lemon, mint, mineral water...7.50

Iced Tea
Lemon, mint, Mt Warning water...7.00 

Fruit Crush’s

Pomegranate, organic juice blended with mint, ice and topped with berry sorbet ….8.00

Tropical, frozen mango, banana, pineapple and papaya blended with mango and banana nectar and topped with mango sorbet…8.00

Lemonade, cola, strawberry, ice cream...7.00

Milk Shakes
Choc / Strawberry / Caramel / Vanilla...small 5.50  |  Large 7.00

Fresh Squeezed Juice
Orange or Apple...5.00 small 6.00 reg 7.00 large

Apple Plus

Organic apple, kale, kiwi and mint blended with organic pear and apple juice…8.00

Green Smoothie

Frozen mango, kiwi, spinach and kale blended with fresh apple juice


Lime Tart

Tangy lime filling on a GF biscuit base with coconut cream whipped and spread on top garnished with the rind of fresh lime

Middle Eastern Coconut Citrus Cake

Moist coconut cake warmed and served with Rosewater and Citrus Syrup, whipped cream and fresh orange segments.

Berry and White Choc Cheesecake

white chocolate and raspberries folded through a creamy filling with a GF biscuit base. Served with whipped cream and a berry compote

Chocolate fudge Brownie
Moist and soft fudge with white chocolate buddies and served with fresh whipped cream and berry compote

Mocha Mousse

Layers of creamy coffee and dark chocolate flavored mousse on a GF base, hard to believe its VEGAN

Persian Delight

Full of dried fruit , nuts, white chocolate and nougat makes a chewy consistency deliciously topped with a drizzle of white chocolate, chopped pistachios and pomegranate GF

All cakes are house made, we occasionally bring in some new ones and take out others but the favourites stay for every day